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Cyber Patrol

Download NOW! Only $29.95, including 3-month subscription to CyberNOT & CyberYES lists.


Welcome to The Cyber Patrol Briefing Room!


* Why select Cyber Patrol
Try Cyber Patrol before you buy!
Pricing & Availability


* Why select Cyber Patrol?

  • Cyber Patrol Provides parents, teachers, day care professionals - anyone who is responsible for children's access to the Internet - with the tools they will need to get a handle on an area which can be very dangerous for kids.
  • Cyber Patrol is the only Internet filter that works with all 16/32-bit browsers, news readers, chat clients, (from AOL to Microsoft Internet Explorer).
  • Cyber Patrol's CyberNOT list is twice as comprehensive as competitive lists, blocking OVER 9,000 Internet resources!
  • Cyber Patrol's CyberYES list- researched Internet sites containing only appropriate material for children!
  • Cyber Patrol includes comprehensive time and budget management functions to help you manage your family's on-line budget.
  • Cyber Patrol works great with both Macintosh and Windows!
  • Cyber Patrol features Multi-user capability - up to 9 users plus visitor/default !
  • Cyber Patrol provides ChatGardŽ, which prevents children from divulging personal information online !
  • Cyber Patrol includes built-in support for the PICS standard, including the SafeSurf and RSACi ratings systems.

Internet World (September 1996 issue)- Awards Cyber Patrol its Best of Test rating in the cover story "Safe Computing"
"The best product across the board is Microsystem's Cyber Patrol"...
"It can provide a completely safe environment...and it can block the outflow of personal information."...
"Cyber Patrol is superior to the other filtering programs in its configurability and the scope of its protection."


* You can try Cyber Patrol before you buy!

DOWNLOAD WIN Download Cyber Patrol for Windows

DOWNLOAD MAC Download Cyber Patrol for Macintosh


* Pricing and Availability

List price for Cyber Patrol is $29.95, which includes a 3-month subscription to the CyberNOT & CyberYES lists. Subsequent 6-month subscriptions are $19.95 each. Parents can download a full-feature demo copy, which will operate for 7 days, and then easily register the software on-line when they decide to purchase.

Download Cyber Patrol NOW!


How to contact us:

* E-mail:

* Snail mail: Microsystems Software, Inc., 600 Worcester Road, Framingham, MA 01702 USA

Copyright 1996 Microsystems Software, Inc.

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