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Known problems
Here is a list of known problems that might a problem you are having. The list is organized by symptom which is what you have noticed the problem to be and solution which is a possible solution.

Problem: I'm using Trumpet Winsock and I have problems checking e-mail and browsing the web. It seems to connect fine but nothing really works.
Solution: The problem might be caused by the MTU setting in Trumpet Winsock. It is usually set 1500 which is too high, try setting it to 500. Go to the FILE menu then to SETUP. Here you can change the MTU setting.

Problem: I can connect to the Internet and browse the web fine. But I can never receive e-mail messages even though I know I have some.
Solution: Check that your e-mail account name does not begin with P. If it does remove the P, this is used only for logging into our system during dialup.

Problem: Everything seems to be working, I can send and receive e-mail and browse the web but I have problems connecting to several colleges and government sites. My e-mail can't get to these certain sites.
Solution: This had been a common problem for some time now but has been recently resolved. There was a routing problem between our server and who routes several colleges and government sites. If you are still having problems send us e-mail and include the address you are trying to send too.

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