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News Server Support
Greensburg PBX now offers a public news (nntp) server for our customers. We are being supplied with a constant news feed from MCI for over TWENTY THOUSAND different news groups. This page will give you the information needed to connect to our server.
  1. You must first acquire software. We recommend and support Microsoft Internet News. You probably already have the software on your system but it might require configuring. If you prefer to use another news client feel free, but we can not possibly support all the software on the market.
  2. To setup the software follow the on-screen instructions. It will ask for your name, e-mail address, and the location of the news server. Our news server is located at (makes sense).
  3. When you first start the news program it will take a little while for your computer to download the list of 20,000+ newsgroups. Once this is done click on the Newsgroups button. Find a news group you want to view and click Go To. HINT: You can type in a word that your looking for (e.g. nascar) and the program will find all the news groups containing that word. You can also subscribe the the news group which will make it easier to get to the next time.

Here is a list of local Greensburg PBX news groups:

If you have any suggestions for new local news groups you can e-mail

If you have problems connecting to the news server or downloading news groups and articles contact technical support.

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